Your backside is a treasure trove of untapped data. So says one Korean tech company pushing a new device that promises to tackle the woes of bad sitting habits.

FootLogger: Watching Your Every Step
Fitness trackers built into high-tech bracelets and watches are all the rage, but how about one built into an athletic-shoe insole? That’s what 3L Labs offers in its new FootLogger ($100), due later this year

South Korea-based company 3L Labs showed its FootLogger, which is a Bluetooth-connected shoe insole that monitors activity levels and walking health issues

@ CES 2014
The insole packs eight pressure sensors and a three-axis accelerometer into your shoe so people can monitor activity levels, walking health issues, energy expenditures, therapy progress, and the onset of dementia or falling problems with solitary older people

3L Labs is talking up a wide range of potential uses for Footlogger’s three-axis accelerometer and eight pressure sensors, including the standard activity tracking and sports recording fare.

To use FootLoggers, you start by putting a pair of them in your shoes – they’re reportedly fairly lightweight and unobtrusive. You then proceed to exercise, perform your chosen sport or go about your regular daily activities, depending on the application. Each insole can log up to 50,000 footprints on its built-in flash memory, and run for at least 24 hours per charge of its integrated battery.

FootLogger: Wearable Shoe Insoles That Sync & Charge
Wirelessly 3L Labs produces FootLogger,  a shoe insole activity tracker designed to bring the world of wearable technology not just to athletes but to the feet inside every shoe.

The sensor-studded shoe insole provides activity track records and other biometrics such as foot pressure and stepping pattern. Each insole can log up to 50,000 footsteps on its flash memory. The built-in battery lasts at least a day and can be recharged by placing it on a Wi-Fi-connected “shoe station.” Users can access the analyzed data via smartphone app.


3L Labs Co., Ltd.’s FootLogger was selected as a 2015 CES Innovation Awards HONOREE in the Wearable Technologies product category. This means that FootLogger scored highly across all judging criteria, and joins a small percentage of other products that are given this honor each year.


The Innovation Honorees were officially announced publicly on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 in New York City at the 2015 International CES Unveiled New York.